Disco / Maqueta / Banda

Don't let me down

Ramón Romeu


Lost Time / RamRom

Nothing is so good and nothing is so bad
There's always time to say goodbye

Never looking back, Never looking bad
It's never too late to live again

Not now. Don't let me down
Do not regress.

Life can be so real or just be a dream
But you have to live it every day

If you do not do anything, do not tell me stories.
Then you'll be ill for everything

Time is over, close your eyes.
If you remember, you never die.
Now it's closer, do not fear for me.
You know that one day we will born again

The cold is inside of me. Nothing you can do.
The fire is off. It will never come back.
Now I discover a light within me
There is still hope, an opportunity